Human Capital Management

PeoplePlus HCM
The New Version
PeoplePlus HCM V.11 ได้เปลี่ยน Tools ในการพัฒนาจาก Oracle Developer เป็น Framework MMVC โดยใช้ Vue.js และ PHP Laravel ในการพัฒนา และใช้ Oracle Database 19c
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RP-Resource Planning
RP allows all positions in the organization to work closely and effectively together. It has been designed to facilitate the organization structure and manpower management.
RC module helps the organization to conveniently and promptly have the qualified personnel on board at low cost.It facilitates the management of the entire recruitment and hiring process,including recruitment acquisitions.
PM-Personnel Movement
As the core module of the system, PM systematically stores and helps manage the entire employee's data, such as personal profile, employment, income and other personnel movement data.
AL-Attendance & Leave
AL effectively keeps the complicated employee attendance time under control and facilitates the calculation of compensations, such as daily wage, overtime payment, diligent allowance, as well as payment deductions due to abnormal attendance.
PY incorporates pay data from other relevant modules and accurately calculates the net pay for each individual employee. Based on its highly flexible design, this module allows the user to simply adjust net income and tax formulas,
Benefit, heart and happiness for employees. Benefit helps manage various kinds of employee benefit provisions, both monetary and non-monetary, such as medical allowance, loan, provident fund, insurance, etc.
Assessable measurement, Quality of employee, and Automatic payment calculation. With the most versatile design, AP is applicable for both 360 degree and top-down appraisals and able to accommodate 3 kinds of assessable measurements.
To achieve the optimal personnel training management, TR module offers thorough functionalities that cover every aspect of training management needs, including annual training program and curriculum planing, training arrangement.
ESS/MSS-Self Service
ESS extensively reduces administrative burdens of the HR department as well as allows employees to manage their personal data online. MSS Smart management Tool for Manager, rapidly and conveniently helps managing personal data.
Job Online
Job Online is a platform that is separate from the HCM system. You can put Job Online on the Internet so that applicants can apply their CV. Users can manage applicants information on job online via CMS system and can also connect to RC Module in HCM system via Web Service.
e-Learning & Online Test
e-Learning and Online Test, The system that is used to help in online learning and online exams for employees and applicants