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Is Peopleplus a web-based application?

Yes. Peopleplus has been designed to be a user-friendly web-based HRMS. Highly compatible, Peopleplus only requires a standard web browser to operate which enables the users to access the system from any pc. As the system does not required to be installed on every client PC, customers can greatly benefit from  the reduction of duplicating system maintenance.   Additionally, Peopleplus has been designed with data centralization feature which eliminates the risk of data duplication which often results in program errors. 

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Does Peopleplus cover every major requirement of human resource management?

Yes. Peopleplus consists of 10 modules which cover the major requirements of human resource management and development of large-scale organizations and can be purchased separately. All Peopleplus modules include:

-          Resource Planning

-          Recruitment

-          Personnel Movement

-          Training

-          Benefits

-          Performance Appraisal

-          Attendance and  Leave

-          Payroll

-          Employee Self-Service

-          Manager Self-Service

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Which size of organizations is Peopleplus most suitable for ?

Peopleplus is an enterprise-level solution which has been designed for complex HR management policies and requirements, as well as for highly flexible system setup and report customization.

Most of our Peopleplus customers range from medium to large – scale organizations, e.g. a size of 500 employees and above. 

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Is it possible to convert data from other HRMS system to Peopleplus?

Yes. For the customer’s convenience, we provide a data conversion service during the system deployment to ensure that the users can promptly continue their operation after the new system is ready.   To start the data conversion, the customers have to prepare their current data in Peopleplus formats. Then, our implementation team will verify and import data to Peopleplus system.

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In the case that there are governmental changes in tax calculation methods and report formats, will Peopleplus provide the software updates for the customers?

Yes. Our maintenance service will include software upgrade due to changes in governmental regulations for customers without additional charge. 

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Can Peopleplus accommodate multi-companies requirements ? 

Yes. Peopleplus has a multi-company feature that allows the user to have different setup and system access authorization for each company.   Besides, the system allows multiple languages and currencies, which are suitable for international organizations.

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Does Peopleplus allow report customization?

Peopleplus has been designed to have highly flexible report customization tools. On every report screen, the user can convenient customize the report format, for example, add/ delete fields, sort data and add conditions for data filtering as well as formulas.   Additionally, all reports can be exported in Excel, Text, and HTML formats, allowing the users to use data in other systems.

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How is secure is the data security of Peopleplus? Is there any encryption for confidential data such as payroll data? 

To deliver the highest efficiency for human resource management, Peopleplus has been designed with rigorous data access authorization feature. The access authorization to data and every function can be setup flexibly and efficiently.   Additionally, all payroll data will be encrypted for the maximum protection.

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