HR Payroll Outsource  



Beyond general payroll outsourcing service, HR Payroll Outsource Service offers a new solution that covers every area of human resource management and combines the benefits of cloud computing that allows online access to data and a variety of analysis reports through People plus web-based HRMS application.

With HR Payroll Outsource, users can reduce non value-added administrative work and manage employee data more easily and efficiently.   This service includes regular HR tasks such as data recording in HRMS software, data verification, report generation, data transfer and export to other systems, and etc.   Most importantly, HR Payroll Outsource can hugely reduce the amount of investment on IT and operational personnel. 


Scope of HR Payroll Outsource outsourcing service includes:

    Personnel data management  Record complete personnel data and keep history of changes throughout employment period.

   Payroll Service  Process payroll and tax calculation. Generate reports for Revenue Department, Social Security, Banks, and Provident Funds.

   Employee’s attendance and leave management  Record and manage employee attendance time and leave data. Perform calculations of compensations and deductions relating to attendance time.

   Benefit management  Record all kinds of benefit entitlements, requests, and payment history.

   Performance appraisal  Record performance appraisal data, calculate appraisal results and bonus payment.

   Training & development management  Record and keep history of employee training data such as individual training roadmap, training requests, and after-class evaluation results. Generate reports for Department of Skill Development.



How does HR Payroll Outsource work?

HR Payroll Outsource service by Peopleplus has combined the advantages of payroll outsourcing and shared resource services for HR Software and IT infrastructure (Software as a Service), i.e. a reduction on HR administrative work and IT system maintenance, and the convenience of data and report access through a web-based application.   During the service, Customers can conveniently submit data to our HR Payroll Outsource team for verification and recording into Peopleplus HRMS system. After processing, HR Payroll Outsource team will review the results and generate reports for submitting to customers and external parties as requested.   In addition to the scheduled reports, customers can conveniently access our web-based application to view history of data and print personalized reports by themselves.



  Convenient access to view employee data and unlimitedly print retrospective reports on Peopleplus web-based application.

   Significantly reducing administrative work of an HR department.

  Reducing the need for HRMS software maintenance as well as software user training.

   Reducing cost and personnel investment on software and IT infrastructure.

   Paying monthly service fee reduces the risk of huge upfront payment on IT investment.

   Reducing the risk of data leakage within organization such as payroll data.

   Enhancing data protection by highly secured data storage system and regular and efficient backup process